Fire hydrant testing tests fire flow pressure, hydrant flow testing, inspections, surveys and valve exercising


Fire Flow Test for New Construction

Residual fire hydrant flow testing per NFPA. Fire flow tests are required prior to the installation of fire suppression systems to test static and residual pressure while hydrant flow testing. Fire hydrant safety inspections are performed during fire hydrant flow testing. Fire flow testing hydrants is required when calculating available water at a specific system pressure.

Comprehensive Inspections, Flow Testing and Reporting

Fire hydrant flow testing tests available flow pressure, operability and hydrant reliability through an entire water supply system. Flow testing hydrants annually will ensure flow pressures are adequate to fight fires. Hydrant flow testing is performed by flow testing out of 2.5 inch nozzles.

Valve Surveys

Low flow pressures measured during hydrant flow testing may indicate valve issues. Hydrant flow testing throughout a water system will uncover valves which are not fully open. Valve surveys can correct partially open valves during a valve survey. Be up-to-date on all water valve positions by conducting valve surveys. All data gathered is compatible with GIS. specializes in fire hydrant inspections, fire flow testing, fire hydrant surveys, hydrant flushing, hydrant testing, valve exercising, valve surveys, and GIS integration. We provide you with detailed reporting of all fire hydrants and valves in your system. Call us for more information about your fire hydrant inspections, fire flow tests, and valve surveys.
Fire hydrant flow testing, fire flow tests, and hydrant testing are important ways to measure aspects of a water supply system. A fire hydrant test is critical in determining areas in your system which require special attention. Always have your fire hydrants inspected annually to asses the conditions of your fire hydrants and confirm flow pressures. also offers residual fire flow tests often required during new construction. Contact us today for a quote and to schedule your fire hydrant testing. Hydrant testing should be part of an annual fire hydrant testing program.
Flow tests for cities and private entities. We also provide fire hydrant and valve surveying for GIS and work order management systems