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Wireless Valve Exerciser For Hydrants and Valves

With over 15 years of field experience, HYDRANT.COM has decided to utilize the most efficient and affordable valve operating tool in the industry. We know how difficult it can be to operate heavily tuberculated valves and open hydrants in need of lubrication. We use a valve exerciser to increase productivity and to prevent our operators from becoming injured and over-exhausted. The Hydrant Buddy is a patented, wireless, valve exerciser designed to exercise hydrants and gate valves. This valve exerciser is built for all-day operation. There is no need for a generator, air compressor, trailer, or hydraulic equipment due to battery operation. Contact us for an on-site demonstration.

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Operating hydrants and valves manually can cause operator injury, work reduction due to injuries, over-exertion and fatigue. Lower the chance of high medical and insurance costs associated with work injuries by using an automated valve exerciser tool for your hydrants and valves.


By using the lightest valve operating tool in the industry, exercising valves no longer requires back breaking work. Easily and effectively operate the valves in your system with an automated valve exerciser. Due to battery operation, you can eliminate hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic lines as well as bulky trailers associated with heavier, more expensive valve operating equipment.

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The Hydrant Buddy easily removes tuberculation. Due to being the lightest exerciser in the industry, you will reduce fatigue, exertion and injuries. With 600 ft-lbs of torque available, you have a tool for un-seizing hydrant hose and pumper caps. One minor injury will cost you more than the tool itself!

Flow tests for cities and private entities. We also provide fire hydrant and valve surveying for GIS and work order management systems